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''Loss of this magnitude would seem catastrophic to just about anyone. We see what you are going through and aren't really sure what we can do to help and send our loving condolences.  But keep in mind, we are here, we will not leave you.  One day you will feel just a little bit less of the hurt and want to talk.  We will still be here, waiting, for that day.''


''The hurt you are feeling today may seem incurable.  And you are probably right.  But each week, each month, each year, the hurt will fade.  You will then start to feel yourself again, and at that time you will appreciate all the loving words of condolence that may seem overwhelming on this particular day."


''We love you so much.  At a time like this, we figured that is all you need to hear. So please, allow this condolence phrase to find it's way to your heart.''


''We are so sorry you are having to go through such a horrible ordeal.  We wish there was some magic spell we could do to relieve you of this pain verses having to send condolence phrases in a card.  Whenever, however, with whoever you feel most comfortable with, talk, cry and allow yourself to grieve.''


''I never thought this day would come. 'He'll live forever', we use to say. But I suppose that is not true.  Not on this earth anyway.  But up in Heaven, he is living!  He is happy, he is calm and he is with God. Please allow this condolence message to bring you a happy thought."


''We wish we could be right beside you, holding your hand while you deal with such a devastation.  Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.  You will move past this, you will be happy again and one day you will look back at all the condolences you received and realize how many people cared for you and your lost loved one.''


''Please accept our love and condolences.  She was a great woman.  No one will ever fill her shoes."


"The memories will be everlasting.  May you always remember that love.  And remember one thing if nothing else, you are never alone, the number of condolences you've received in these past few days prove that!"


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