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"A sad day is upon us, and letting go is one of the hardest things we have to do in our lives.  But knowing _______ is in a place free from hurt and pain makes letting go a little bit easier. Please accept our deepest condolences."


"May I express our families sincerely condolences in the loss of your ______.  He will be greatly missed and not just my family.  He was a big part of many peoples lives."


"The love and kindness that ______ shared with so many people during her time on earth with us is something that will not be forgotten.  Her body may not roam the streets anymore but her spirit will always be with us and you. Sending condolences and a whole lot of love your way."


"Many condolences on the loss of someone so dear to so many of us.  Please remember they are in a much better place now and let that be your comfort."


"Our heart weigh very heavily on this day of mourning.  And we cannot express enough condolences for your loss.  If there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know."


"This community will feel this great loss.  If we pull together, we can all lean on each other for support.  Please allow your community to be there for you and know that every condolence phrase you hear comes straight from the heart."


"I am very sorry for your loss and everything this means for you and your family. You have a strong and loving family who will help you through this trying time, but remember, you have friends too who want to be there for you as well. So every time you hear someone give their condolences, please know that it is more than words they are giving, there is a ton of love being sent as well."


"You lost someone you love, and we all send loving condolences to you.  But please, don't push us away, we don't want to lose someone we love too!"


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